Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012

When I look at your heavens,
the work of your fingers,

   the moon and the stars that you have established;

what are human beings that you are mindful of them,
mortals that you care for them?
from Psalm 8

These summer nights a person has to stay up really late to see the stars. The moon passes through its phases above us, and the thunderclouds roll across the evening skies with power and beauty.

No wonder our ancestors in faith attributed each vista of beauty and each uncontrollable power to God’s creative hand. I am overwhelmed sometimes by the natural wonders around me and awe leads me to praise. Or fear. Or wonder.

I don’t really think God is painting each sunset. But I do believe that God loves this world, and that it is God’s World, not mine. I am part of it and God is mindful of me. Wow. I have that in common with the poet who wrote Psalm 8.

So I am primed for praise. Ready to listen for God’s love when I am afraid. And open to God with wonder, sheer wonder, at the earth and our part as mortals walking around on it.

Blessings of beauty and awe to you,

The Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean

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