Thursday, April 5, 2012

March 26, 2012

A Spiritual Practice for Lent

Trailing clouds of glory do come from God,
who is our home.
Those shadowy recollections,
be they what they may,
are yet the fountain light of all our day.
W. Wordsworth, 1807

All our day God comes to us in prayer, all through the day. As we move through Lent let’s focus on prayer all through the day. Each week you will find a prayer for a different part of the day published here. At Easter you may put them together and frame the whole day in words of prayer. The first four prayers were on first waking, then just before launching the day’s activities next noon and grace before supper.

For this week: sunset.

Trailing clouds of glory surround
the sun,
and dusk creeps up tree trunks.
May this moment fill
my heart with your love
my soul with holy wonder
and this prayer
with care
for the earth.

The Rev. Dr. Catherine MacLean

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