Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15, 2011

People say that the pace of life is frighteningly quick, and that we can’t keep up with technology. They say that as we age, time runs faster. Time is money, they say.

There certainly is lots of chaos around us: climate talks in Durban that didn’t solve our problems, changes in our families and households, a European economy infringing on our stability, icy streets in our neighbourhoods. Sometimes it seems that important things are slip sliding away, as Paul Simon sings.

Is it a brave new world? Or maybe we are called to live bravely in a chaotic new world.

Where do we find courage to live bravely in a chaotic new world? We look outside ourselves. Courage comes from a transcendent place, from a spirit of love and compassion and truth. Mary sang about chaos and the Promise:

God has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts. 

He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly; 
he has filled the hungry with good things,
 and sent the rich away empty.

We say with Mary, this is God’s world and we have the privilege of being part of it. We say with Mary, every person counts and no one will be left behind. We say with Mary, this may seem impossible but it is our Promise.

Blessings on you, as you live bravely in a chaotic new world. May the Promise bring you courage. May there be a song of faith in your heart.

The Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean

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