Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17, 2010

It’s a grey day. There’s a fall of snow in the lane outside my study window; Betty Dunn’s potato patch is getting covered.

Sunday was grey, too. Standing at the front of the church, I could see sky and trees through the clear windows in the balcony. It was as if the grey branches held the sky, and as though the sky was still: no motion of earth or cloud.

Yet the colours in the stained-glass windows simply shone, the warmth of the wood on ceiling and floor glowed, and the flowers beside the pulpit took on a luminous quality. Do you ever feel things more strongly by contrast?

Sometimes when I have a moment to ponder contrast, I am aware of the interplay between the needs of the world and the hope we hold. It’s like this: into the grey of despair and sadness comes the brilliance of hope and renewal. It seems impossible, yet it is true.

I hope that as you ponder these grey days, you feel the colour of faith. I hope that as you feel the cold of late November, you remember the warmth of Easter. I hope that in the quiet of your heart, prayer sings. 
Peace to you,

The Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean

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